£12,079 plus vat

£14,494.80 including vat

Mule Pro-DX

The utility vehicle of choice for many professionals such as farmers,
gamekeepers and grounds-care experts. The Mule Pro DX is at
the top of the Kawasaki MULE series.

When theres serious work to be done the MULE PRO-DX is ready to take the load. High torque diesel power moves cargo and crew quickly with the safety assurance of Roll-Over Protection System (ROPS). On site or on the farm, the class-leading 453 kg capacity of the long and low tipping cargo bed and 907 kg towing potential makes light work of the heaviest tasks.Working in tough environments demands durable, reliable machinery that continues to deliver in all conditions. Dirt, terrain and weather won?t stop the ultra-rugged MULE PRO-DX and PRO-DXT, with all essential systems designed to resist water, dust and debris. A steel ladder chassis is ready for all terrains, strong where it needs to be and flexible where it matters. A three-cylinder diesel engine guarantees the torque needed to carry loads and crew reliably, hour after working hour. The rugged, hard-working styling of the MULE PRO-DX and PRO-DXT is not just there for show.

Warranty Period

Extended Warranty


Road Legal

Road Tax (per year)



Available Colours

12 month

extra 12 months +£600




CVT, 2 speed auto, reverse


Timberline Green

Attractive, new rugged, no-nonsense styling
Instruments include fuel gauge, speedometer, hour meter and coolant temperature
Standard doors contribute to enhanced comfort and convenience
Electrically selectable 2WD / 4WD and rear lock

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