Dry Salt Spreader

Spreader Range LDS


The Logic LDS120DS Salt Spreader is used to spread dry salt in winter conditions. Unlike our GDS and PDS salt spreaders, this unit is not suitable for spreading rock salt and must be used with dry, bagged salt only. It is a much simpler machine designed for when a GDS or a PDS machine cannot be justified. The LDS120DS is a robust machine with either plastic or galvanised major components and has a capacity of 120 litres. It will spread salt to between 8 and 12 metres, making it ideal for smaller premises which still need to maintain their roadways and car parks but cannot justify the expense of the larger, professional models.


Winter Maintenance applications


The LDS 120DS spreads salt when conditions are slippery. The LDS provides an ideal way of salting roadways, walkways, yards and parking  areas using dry, bagged salt. It can be towed by any vehicle fitted with a 50mm tow hitch and is ground driven.


Product features

The LDS120DS Salt Spreader spreading widths vary between 8 - 12 metres. Simplicity of design and operation with minimal maintenance ensures a trouble free and long life.

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